Clipper Race 2019-20 Edition to Complete in 2021


One of the water sporting events those were in the way of being held in the Clipper race, 2019-20 editions. It was scheduled in March, at a time when the lockdown and quarantine started to occur. Indeed, the organizing committee had to work out travel arrangements for the crew who were quarantined in the Philippines as the lockdown occurred. It was a time when community-wide measures were being taken in the Philippines. The decision was declared on Monday, March 16th. Crew members had to be quarantined in Subic Bay of the Philippines. This was one of the enhanced quarantine community areas that they were a part of.

The race had been scheduled to begin on March 14th, Saturday. This was a subsequent phase of the race that had a course spanning from North Pacific to the shores of Seattle. The US then imposed travel restrictions widespread and it was deemed unviable to complete the race.
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Rolex Big Boat Series Plan has been Released

The registration for 55th annual series of Rolex Big Boat has started. The series will be raced on San Francisco Bay and it will be done between 12-15th of September 2019. The series is the best called for breeze-on sailing, ideal venue, and the opportunity to be the winner of ROPSC, which is Swiss-made.

“In the previous year 28 J/105s was on its own beginning line, and the J/88 class was the one which made debut in the Rolex Big Boat Series,” says Regatta Chair, Susan Ruhne. “In addition, visitors saw amazing action of the Grand Prix in the Pac52 class and close competition of differently challenged to race in three ORR classes. At the same place the Express 37 class that has been one of the backbones of this regatta for a long time, has just a single point difference in the finishers of first and second place.”
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Janahi Secured Eighth Position In The Laser Sailing

Abdulla Janahi of Bahrain continued to show his solid performance while competing in the Laser Standard fleet at the 18th Asian Games. After the eighth and ninth races of Janahi was able maintained his eighth place competing with 16 sailors in the fray and now only three races are left to be undertaken. So far, this veteran sailor has 58 net points in total.

The field is led by the Jeemin Ha who is from South Korea. He has 14.8 net points. Ha is followed by Khairulnizam Mohd Afendy who is from Malaysia. He has 15 net points. Jun Han Ryan Lo is at the third position. He has 17 net points and he from Singapore. The event was the great success and it was attended by many renowned personalities, some of them were Chef de Mission of Bahrain at the Asian Games Bader Nasser and many other officials.
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Evidence: The Perfect Amalgamation Of Sailing And Motor Yachts

VPLP French studio introduced a 47-meter concept catamaran Evidence. The catamaran is powered by a 400-square-meter wing-sail, does power meter maintain attached produce twice the power of a conventional sail.

Using their good years of experience in the field of rigid sail development for racing both of America club, the naval Architects have designed a yacht with eco-friendly concept, it features an automated wing-sail,  which is integrated into a hybrid propulsion system.
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Wollmann Siblings Dominating Narca 17 Word Championship

Cecilia Wollmann and Michael Wollmann, the teenage siblings, are making very good progress at the Narca 17 World Championship held at La Grande Motte in France.

They are not showing any signs of being in the competition for the very first time and are making headlines at the event. These siblings have made an impressive start at the world championships and have gained their entry for the gold fleet. This is their second regatta event and they represent the Olympic class foiling catamaran.

Cecilia said that she was very happy to be sailing with her partner brother Michael. They have enjoyed every bit of the time that they have so far spent on the regatta event. Cecilia had represented Bermuda in the Laser Radial class at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. She said that they were very happy to be taking part in the gold fleet as they are a very young side. This is the second regatta for the team at Narca 17.

Cecilia said that she was very happy with the progress that she and her brother have made so far. They have faced tough challenges from many of the CA sailors of the world. They had a goal to finish in the top 35. She said that sailing the boat is a learning process and they are still learning how to sail the boat and to sail it on the right track consistently. Cecilia said that both she and her brother are looking forward to the final two days of the gold fleet racing.

The young siblings are currently in the 23rd position among the 47-strong fleet presenters at the event. They recorded a posting on 22-21-21 in their last three races.

Michael said that they are fully aware that they will be facing a new challenge in the gold fleet racing. They are looking to match the performance and the speed of the best sailors in the business.

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Flying Scot Had Its Last Race

They have been racing the Gulf Coast’s water since the late 60s. And on Sunday at the Yacht Club of Gulfport, the model boat of Flying Scot raced its final regatta and said Goodbye.

For Leslie Dane, it is a bittersweet goodbye.

According to Dane, “This boat has been ours since the year 1968 or 69, just before the Camille. With the sale of this boat, the young kids are very excited, but I am not. I think I am going to miss these boats a lot as so many memories are attached to it.”

According to the information, the Flying Scot is making its way at the GYA (Gulf Yachting Association) for the new model of the Viper. For four years, George Hambleton has been racing, this Flying Scots, and after its goodbye, he not upset, instead he is ready for the new challenge.Read More

Director Of Yacht Recalls Horror In Court

The company director who was responsible for the capsized yacht searches in the mid-Atlantic, said, “He was “horrified” when the Coastguard US called for the call off the rescue operation. The director broke down into tears, while narrating this incident in-front of the court. The yacht that sank in the mid-Atlantic had four crew members, two of them were young boys and two were from Somerset.

The all four crew members were, Andrew Bridge he was the skipper of the yacht and just 22 years old and he was from Farnham in Surrey. The second member was James Male, who was also 22 years old and from Southampton. The third member of the crew was Steve Warren, who was 52 years old and forth was Paul Goslin, who was 56 years old and both were from Somerset.Read More

Norauto Confirms Sponsorship Support

The Groupama Team France was the first team to exit from the 35th edition of America’s Cup competition. It was a sad moment for everyone involved with the team. But, the major sponsor of the Groupama Team France, Norauto, has announced in a media conference that it will be supporting the team in the 36th edition of the America’s Cup provided there is no change in the AC50 boat.

The major sponsor of the French team said that they were pleased and proud to sponsor the team of Franck Cammas. The team had a very good showing in the America’s Cup in Bermuda. They had won two races in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers. But, they were not able to get into the semi-finals. Norauto was proud of the efforts put in by Cammas and his team. They felt that the team did exceptionally well at the event.

The Groupama Team France is one among the five who have signed for the secret ‘Framework’ agreement that that locks in the AC50 for two America’s Cups. Norauto looks committed for two more editions and hence they are having a long-term vision. They took the final media conference to announce to the world that they are assuring their support of Team France for the 36th America’s Cup.

The Team France is a very close knit team and is working on a small budget. The Norauto team believes that the Groupama Team France has the potential to upset the applecart of big teams like the English or the Swedes. The future of the French team is very bright.

Norauto partnered with Franck Cammas and his team fifteen months ago and it has been a very fruitful partnership so far. They joined Team France as the main partner knowing very well about the demands and the struggles that the team has to undergo in the crewed sailing competition.