Director Of Yacht Recalls Horror In Court

The company director who was responsible for the capsized yacht searches in the mid-Atlantic, said, “He was “horrified” when the Coastguard US called for the call off the rescue operation. The director broke down into tears, while narrating this incident in-front of the court. The yacht that sank in the mid-Atlantic had four crew members, two of them were young boys and two were from Somerset.

The all four crew members were, Andrew Bridge he was the skipper of the yacht and just 22 years old and he was from Farnham in Surrey. The second member was James Male, who was also 22 years old and from Southampton. The third member of the crew was Steve Warren, who was 52 years old and forth was Paul Goslin, who was 56 years old and both were from Somerset.

For the delayed response, the Coastguard of the US was criticized. He was criticized by friends and family members of the persons on Yacht for calling off the search process so early. After much criticism from family and friends of the people and the British Government, the coast guard re-started the search and this time the boat was found, but with no traces of four men, who were there on the yacht, taking it back for a Yacht Rental Croatia.

The director of Stormforce Coaching Limited (SCL) Douglas Innes, 42, who denies the charges of four manslaughter because of negligence, told in the Winchester Crown Court that on the day of the accident, i.e. on May 15 2014, he was on his duty like other days and he received an email with the heading “Urgent”. The message was from Mr. Bridge.