Evidence: The Perfect Amalgamation Of Sailing And Motor Yachts

VPLP French studio introduced a 47-meter concept catamaran Evidence. The catamaran is powered by a 400-square-meter wing-sail, does power meter maintain attached produce twice the power of a conventional sail.

Using their good years of experience in the field of rigid sail development for racing both of America club, the naval Architects have designed a yacht with eco-friendly concept, it features an automated wing-sail,  which is integrated into a hybrid propulsion system.

Marc Van Peteghem the VPLP partner shared information about the Evidence and said,” This is a beautifully designed and offers the space, performance and stability of a catamaran. The bonus in Evidence is pioneering rig. This gives the crew members and you the opportunity to enjoy sailing peacefully under wind power.”

The durable and fully automated wing-sail design present in the yacht is the purpose designed for super yachts, as it can be handled on boats easily that otherwise would require almost the double size sail plan to get the performance of the same level.

The 47.7-meter Evidence has a beam whose measurement is 16.6 meters, and it includes a 3-meter draft, and a 400-square-meter wing area. It has space to accommodate 12 guests in its twin sharing room, which has been given the fine class interior. And there is space for 10 crew members as well. The designers of Evidence have claimed that it is meant for crossing the Atlantic.

On the Evidence, the present wing-sail is a modification of the recently launched automated sailing system. The Oceanwings was originally developed by VPLP and it was for fishing vessels and the cargo ships. To know more about this fantastically designed vessel, one can check the internet, complete information is present there about it, along with the features in detail.