Flying Scot Had Its Last Race

They have been racing the Gulf Coast’s water since the late 60s. And on Sunday at the Yacht Club of Gulfport, the model boat of Flying Scot raced its final regatta and said Goodbye.

For Leslie Dane, it is a bittersweet goodbye.

According to Dane, “This boat has been ours since the year 1968 or 69, just before the Camille. With the sale of this boat, the young kids are very excited, but I am not. I think I am going to miss these boats a lot as so many memories are attached to it.”

According to the information, the Flying Scot is making its way at the GYA (Gulf Yachting Association) for the new model of the Viper. For four years, George Hambleton has been racing, this Flying Scots, and after its goodbye, he not upset, instead he is ready for the new challenge.

Hambleton said “The viper is a new boat and it is a fun boat upwind.” “I personally like the challenge that this yacht poses upwind. I enjoy it thoroughly and not to forget the downwind are fast and fun also, being on the viper is a lot more fun in comparison to the Flying Scot”.

Although, for Scot the race at Gulfport is the final one, but is not finished yet.

Dane said, “We had a great weekend here, the weather is awesome here and the competition was terrific. However, in the coming months, we have many more big regattas to sail.”

According to the Amy Kleinschlodt, who is a mobile racer, though Flying Scot will not be racing anymore, still it will be an important vessel on the water during the regattas, and it has lots of good things in it still, which make it a useful for racing.